Factory Audit standard: SMETA

Factory scale: 86,111 sq. ft

Number of worker: 70

Number of QI: 5

Containers loading per month: 20

Annual turnover: $6,500,000

We have a variety of technological capabilities, from offset printing, silk screen printing, thermal transfer printing, flat panel printing, stain color etc. Different printing methods is adapt to different product design needs. Our end retailers : Meijer, Shopko , Hobby Lobby, LTD, Fred Meyer,  Bass Pro, Target Australia.


Why Choose Us :

Less MOQ accept
Quick delivery time
Affordable pricing
Original artworks for great options




What We Produce



Photo frame, Open frame, Reverse open frame, Shadow box, Shadow frame, Chop frame

Wood signs, Box frame, Slat board/Lath wall décor/Pallet wall decor, Decorated plaque art

With assorted embellishments on something like metal stuff, burlap, ribbon, string , simulated flower, clips, chain, button, glitter, tin plates, mason jar, tags, vintage paper, and some ornaments fit for holidays or celebrations, by using the process of silkscreen imprint, UV flat print, CNC cut, rustic distressed paint, stain color on wood etc.